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Glossary Of Publishing Terms - Bookzonepro
     Essential tips & tools for publishing professionals, by publishing professionals
Merriam-Webster Online

Onelook® Dictionaries  
     Here you can find definitions, grammar, and punctuation by using their handy search function.

Grammarnow! A Grammar, Composition, Editing, Proofreading Resource  

     Make sure your manuscript is perfectly edited by using this handy grammar site.

Merriam-Webster Online

A Guide To Pronunciation Of Punctuation  
     If you need to check your punctuation and pronunciation, this is the site you need to visit.

Biographical Dictionary  
     You can find over 28,000 entries for notable men and women on this site.

The Newbury House Online Dictionary

Allwords.Com - Dictionary, Guide, Community And More  
     Use this handy translator to help with your writing.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Oxford English Dictionary

Yourdictionary.Com • Home Page

     This site has a new Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus.

     Wordnet is a lexical database for the English language.

     This site offers links to dictionaries, thesauri, a translator, and more.

     This site is an invaluable resource for the writer. You can find The Blue Book of Grammar and other guides here.
Freeality Online Dictionaries
Dictionary List Britannica.Com
Definitions And Meanings Of Religious And Spiritual Words
     If you have ever run across a religious or spiritual word you didn't understand, this is the website with the answers.
Dictionaries Foreign Languages
Dictionary List
Encyclopedia.Com From Electric Library
Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary - Thesaurus -
The Web Of On-Line Dictionaries
Wordcentral.Com - Dictionary - Daily Buzzword - Word Games - Merriam-Webster
     Find world facts quickly and easily at this site.

Acronym And Abbreviation List 
     Use their search engine to find acronyms quickly.
World Wide Words Home Page  
     Over 1500 pages dealing with English words and phrases are found here.



Big List Of Quotations Names Index

Quoteworld.Org - Home To 14,254 Quotations And Growing!

The Quotations Home Page

The Quotations Page - Your Source For Famous Quotes

The Quotations Archive

Bartlett, John, Comp. 1919. Familiar Quotations, 10th Edition
Quotation Center - Over 13,000 Great Quotations

The Love Quotes Encyclopedia

Bartlett, John, Comp. 1919. Familiar Quotations, 10th Edition
FAMOUS QUOTES & QUOTATIONS Best Quotes And Familiar Quotations
Quotation Center - Over 13,000 Great Quotations
The Quotations Page Search For Quotations



Altavista's Babel Fish Translation Service

Books Atoz Spanish Translation Services

Translation Services Web Site Translation

Translation Organizations And Associations

Altavista - World - Translate
Dictionaries Foreign Languages


Miscellaneous Resources


     This site has the largest list of oxymorons online.
Creating High-Impact Documents
     Learn how to create high impact documents for web browsers.

CIA - The World Factbook 2002
     If you need info on countries of the world, visit this site.

Find Articles.Com
     Need to find a particular article? This searchable site is a must.

The Why Files
     For scientific articles, go to this site.

U.S. Government Printing Office
     If you need to find government publications, this is the site.

Askearth Answer Service
     Need answers to help with your storyline? Go to this website. Every topic you can think of is listed.


MS Publisher
     This is the homepage of MS Publisher software.

Writers Software Of Every Type 
     Here's a guide to every type of writers software you can think of.

     For the best bargains in writers software, visit this site.

Edit Pad Lite  
     This is undoubtedly the best text editor software around. And, it's free!!

Free Word Processing Programs Reviews: Software: Business Applications  
     This is the Australian site for Zdnet, home of the best free software downloads. Get all kinds of free word processing programs here.

     Get all kinds of free software here to help with your writing.

Home Office Suite  
     This software is an alternative to MS Office. 

     Free software: Writers software of every type, free text utilities, freeware text editors, windows notepad replacements, free text macro programs, freeware text editing programs

Fast Ebook Compiler. The Fastest E-Book Publishing Software  
     Here's the software you need to make your own Ebooks.

Ebook Edit Pro - Software For Ebook Creation
     Create your own E-book fast with help from E-book Edit Pro.


  CD Production

Welcome To Lasergraphics, Digital Graphic Services 
     This company specializes in books, publications and high quality images.

     This multi-faceted company offers you the best in duplication, replication, printing, and packaging of CDs.